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About the SWPLA

The Southwest Powerlifting Association, as a division of the English Powerlifting Association, run British Powerlifting sanctioned events for the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, and Gloucestershire according to IPF rules.

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The SWPLA run both Equipped and Classic/Unequipped (no supportive equipment) powerlifting competitions each year including the Southwest Open Championships,  Southwest Unequipped Championships and Southwest Benchpress and Deadlift Championships.

Lifters of all ages and abilities take part and many qualify for national championships with some going on to represent England and Great Britain at Commonwealth, European and even World Level. 

Organisational Structure

The following diagram is designed to show the SWPLA in relation to the governing bodies for Powerlifting and the structure through which it is ultimately connected at the highest level to the IPF.

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